Sisters' Market      November Stallholders
                 Enter if you dare                                       Kootoyoo                                            Babushka Baby                                             Cloth Poppy
                              Cosse'                                        Little Spooks                                            Elise Hurst                                                    Lark
               Kids with Crayons                      Marita Madden Merchandise                          Absolute Tots                                         Hush and Such
           Little Red Duck                                      Wee Small Hours                                               bbox                                                   Elly Oak
                     Toy Lane                                         Ergopouch                                                La La Hi Prism                                Enchanted Envelope
               Pinky Pig Handmade                           Metremade                                               Pinikity                                                     Twiglet
            Sakki Design                          Van Go Coffee                               Sweet William                                         Tinker
                      Bretzel Biz                               koolaman d e s i g n                                     Printspace                                               Nog n Piep
                Squirt Baby                                    Abbotsford Biscuits                                          Oishi-M                                                Poss Bloss
              Pieces of You                                            Tiff Toff                                 Susannah Tucker Photography                       The Zipper Tree

                    Pip & Maude                                Angus and Celeste                                  Keiki Designs                                          Look at the Wall
              Ceiba Tree                                           DM Kidz                                                  Adorning Al                                     Little Bubble and Tree
                       Wendy June                                Spin Spin                                 Paisley Peach Graphic Studio                       Rileah Design
                    MIss Haidee                              Black Amber Design                                      Alkmini                                            Penny Whistle
                  Crazy Creatures                                 Little Eve                                           Emotional Baggage                                  Gromarts
         Paula & Paula Clothing                           Sissi and Bro                                          Knuffle Kid                                      Products by Suz

         Pyjama Time                                          Wee Pantz                                                        Qtee

More coming soon!